Sea Salt Gift Box

  • Sea Salt Gift Box
  • Sea Salt Gift Box
  • Sea Salt Gift Box
  • Sea Salt Gift Box
  • Sea Salt Gift Box

This box of treats brings both the scent of the sea, which stirs so many different emotions and special memories for all of us, but it also brings the natural goodness of the sea it's self! Add to this the soothing and hydrating properties of the coconut oils and you have a gift box that says...relax, you deserve it!

If you would like this gift box posted directly to a friend or loved one, please put their name and address in the postage details but remember to put your email and phone number to receive confirmation of the order. Add your personal message to "notes and instructions" and it will be added to the gift tag. If you have a preference as to the ribbon; damsel fly or Love Heart, just let me know in the "notes and instructions" .

A coconut oil and sea salt, cleansing and exfoliating soap scrub with a fresh sea scent.
Made with Illite, which is a mineral sourced natural clay with amazing absorbent properties and is known for it's abilities to calm irritated skin. Coconut oil is used in abundance for it's hydrating properties and it's soothing qualities - it is also an excellent base for exfoliants, which leads us to the salt! Salt is a beautiful natural exfoliant and has minerals that can restores hydration in the skin. Although this sea salt bar is an exfoliant you will still be able to get a lovely, creamy lather from it.
It is, of course, an abrasive, so start with gentle scrubbing and see how your skin responds. ....Natural exfoliation without the micro-plastics!

Sea Salt Soy Candle
Breath in the fresh, familiarity of the seashore, with your toes in the sand and the aroma of the ocean all around.
All my candles are made and hand poured by myself. I use only soy wax that is non GMO and ethically sourced and the supply chain has been traced and proven not to contribute to deforestation. My candles are cruelty free as well as vegan friendly and contain no palm oil. The scents are all made from natural and essential sources, as well as being cruelty free with no CMR or Phthalate.

Pilchard Tin Lip Balm
A blend of vegetable waxes and oils to moisturise tired lips in the wind and rain or sun.
Contains cocoa butter, coconut oil, candelilla wax with a subtle coconut flavour.

Images are for illustration only. All of my products are all hand made so there is a natural variation in shade, size and finish.